Pro-LCD Line Interactive UPS 700VA PRO700LCD

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The PRO700LCD is a 700VA/490W 120 VAC line interactive UPS designed for desktop or floor mounting.

The Newest Addition to Our Best-Selling PRO Series UPSs

The MINUTEMAN PRO-LCD Series of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) delivers complete protection from electrical problems — spikes, surges, sags, brownouts, and blackouts.

Much like the PRO, and PRO-E Series that came before, all PRO-LCD models are amazingly compact and take up little space on the desktop or under a console.


Extreme Power and Features

The PRO500LCD and PRO700LCD units provide an ample power source for a computer, monitor, and other attached devices with four (6) battery backup outlets with surge protection and two (2) surge-only outlets.

The PRO1100LCD model is only slightly larger in physical size, and each offers an expansive six (6) outlets with battery backup and surge along with two (2) surge-only protected receptacles. These units feature heavy power-handling capabilities found in much larger-sized models. This size-to-power ratio makes them ideal for high-power requirement devices installed in cramped quarters.

Enhanced features of the PRO-LCD

Each PRO-LCD model has enhanced features from its predecessors, including built-in Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology to provide a boost to incoming AC during low voltage situations in addition to “bucking” or trimming the AC during a high voltage situation, preserving vital battery backup power for blackouts, and extending the life of the batteries.

Unlike some competitive models, the PRO-LCD model includes Independent Battery Bypass™ which allows it to provide AVR and surge and spike protection with weak or even dead batteries without dropping the load from utility AC power.

Other features include a large LCD display which shows users input and output voltage and frequency, UPS and battery status, and estimated runtime remaining based on the attached load. Each unit also includes protection for either a network or a phone line to keep damaging AC surges and spikes from entering through those pathways.


Reliability — Guaranteed

MINUTEMAN PRO-LCD™ units are backed by an unprecedented 3-year warranty that covers all parts and labor, including batteries. The MINUTEMAN Platinum Protection Plan® insures properly connected equipment for up to $100,000.

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On-Battery Output Waveform: Simulated sine wave

Applications: Voice and Data Networking, PCs, Small Servers

Warranty: 3 Years – Parts & Labor Including Batteries


Back-up time – full load: 7.7 minutes

Back-up time – half load: 18.4 minutes

Runtimes for small loads of less than 10 percent of the stated capacity of a given UPS may vary greatly. Please call to confirm most accurate runtime for small loads.


Designed for PCs, telephone and security systems, and data communications

Protects equipment from harmful AC power surges and spikes

Provides battery backup to equipment during a blackout

Built-in boost and buck AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) function compensates for broader range of AC voltage situations like surges and spikes, saving internal battery power for blackouts and extending the life of the batteries

Includes Minuteman SentryPlus ™ power management and diagnostic software to provide added control and allow unattended PC shutdown (for use on individual PCs or multiple workstations or networks).

Integrated USB port for software communications (USB cable included)

Hot-swappable batteries for easy battery replacement

Independent Battery Bypass ™ allows the UPS to provide voltage regulation with surge or spike protection even when batteries are weak or dead.

8 outlets (6 outlets with battery backup / surge protection and 2 outlets with surge protection only)


Device type: Uninterruptible Power Supply

Input plug type: 5-15P

Input voltage: 120

Output voltage: 120

Number of fully protected outlets: 6 (5-15R)

Number of surge protected only outlets: 2 (5-15R)

Phone / modem (RJ-11) protection? Yes

Network (RJ-45) protection? Yes

No. of serial (DB-9) ports: 0

No. of dry contact ports: 0

USB port: Yes


User replaceable battery? Yes

No. of internal batteries: 1

Replacement battery description: Battery module

Replacement battery part no.: BM0049

Technical Attributes:

SNMP manageable? No

Power in Watts: 490

EMI/RFI filtering? Yes

Max. energy dissipation: 760 (Joules)

Protected equipment insurance value: $100000 USD (US and Canada Only)

Switchover time: 6 ms typical


*Operating system shutdown software included: Yes

Op. System(s) supported by SentryPlus software: Windows 8 (32-bit/64-bit), 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Vista (32-bit/64-bit), Server 2008 R1 (32-bit/64-bit), Server 2008 R2 (64-bit), Windows XP/2000/2003, Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux, FreeBSD, and other Unix/Linux systems

Product Dimensions (in inches) :

Length: 11.81

Width/Depth: 6.69

Height: 7.87

Weight: 23.80 lbs.