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    Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

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    Konftel 300 (910101059)

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  • Avaya 2420 Definity Phone 700381585

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    Plantronics CS530 86305-01

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    Konftel 300Wx with analog DECT base (840101077)

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About VDO Communications

Most of us experience pain in our back, neck and shoulders while working on desk jobs. The good part is that most of these issues can be quickly resolved by switching to something as simple as wireless headsets. In this blog post, we highlight some of the most important health benefits of making the switch:

A large number companies that move over to a virtual office model notice a dramatic drop in costs within the first few months. They no longer need to maintain an office space nor do they have to cover costs for computer equipment. Moreover, virtual office environments also help retain talented professionals who’d rather work from home or from somewhere else.

On the downside, employees working in a virtual environment can often feel isolated. They need regular interaction with supervisors and rest of the team members. This is where conference calls come in. Conference calls are proving to be the number one way to stay connected with virtual office employees, assign them work and pass on instructions.

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