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Poly (formerly known as Plantronics) VoIP & Chat Headsets

At VDO Communications, we believe that our clients deserve the best quality products to effectively run their business. When you work in an environment, such as a customer care center, help desk, or telesales office, superior sound quality for delivering and receiving audio is imperative. The VoIP and chat headsets created by Poly (formerly known as Plantronics) offer style, comfort, and a lightweight feel all while providing the user with the noise-cancelling capability needed to ensure call satification to their customers.


The Poly Audio 995 Binaural Wireless Headset in particular is a great choice for those in search of a versatile headset for business and at-home use. The wireless feature has a 40-foot roaming range, which means you are not tethered to your desk when making calls. Get up, move around, and don’t worry about missing a beat on the phone. When the day is done, this Poly chat headset can go home with you as you use them to listen to music, watch movies, or play video games.

Voice Over IP Headsets

VoIP phone systems allow users to get the best of both worlds; the functionality and mobility of a mobile device while not being limited to the use of a single phone, such as with a landline. Simply put, it’s like a landline without the limitations. VoIP headsets allow for efficient client interaction, versatility, and flexibility all at a more affordable rate compared to a traditional landline phone system.


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