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    Plantronics 3.5mm Y-Training Cable For Blackwire 5200 Series (217008-01 aka 85S08AA)

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    Konftel 300Wx IP w/DECT 10 Base (854101078)

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  • Avaya 9508 Digital Phone 700504842

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    Konftel 250 (910101065)

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    Konftel 300Wx w/o analog base (840101078)

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    Konftel 300IP (910101079)

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    Konftel 300 (910101059)

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    Konftel Ego (910101081)

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    Konftel 55 – Replaced by Konftel 55Wx (910101082)

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    Konftel 55Wx (910101082)

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    Konftel 300Wx with analog DECT base (840101077)

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    Konftel 300IPx (910101084)

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  • SoundStation VTX1000 w/ Subwoofer 2200-07500-001

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  • SoundStation VTX1000 w/ Mics & Subwoofer 2200-07142-001

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  • VoiceStation 500 2200-17900-001

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Konftel, Poly (formerly known as Polycom) & Avaya Conference Phones for Offices

Stay connected with high-quality conference phones available here from VDO Communications. For the past 30 years, VDO Communications has been providing only the best in audio products, ranging from hands free headsets to office conference phones. Carrying top brands such as Konftel, Poly (formerly known as Polycom) & Avaya, we are proud to offer you and your employees the best in communication devices.

A clear connection for conference calls is critical to the success of your business/establishment. Static from background noise can be a deterrent, especially when speaking with potential customers as it creates an untrustworthy base for your conversation. VDO Communications has the experience to help you find the best conference phones for your office. Some of the options available include the Konftel Ego, a personal speaker offering reliable audio with portability. We also have Bluetooth conference phones for offices such as the Konftel 55 Series with touch screen and OmniSound® technology.

Business Conference Phones

At VDO Communications we also carry a line of Poly business conference phones, like the SoundStation2 Series with boosted clarity and HD voice technology to deliver the highest quality sound to your employees. Most Poly office conference phones also include echo cancelling technology with the ability to be flexible and offer expandability.

Not sure exactly what you need? Not a problem. Call our experienced team at 877-449-4836 or send an email to sales@vdocomms.com today, we look forward to working with you!