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Amplifiers for Poly (formerly known as Plantronics) Headsets

The last thing you want when on the phone with a client is to lose call clarity. Not only can information be misconstrued when audio is ambiguous, but if you have to keep asking for the client to repeat themselves or vice versa, it can cause negative customer satisfaction. To combat this, amplifiers for Poly (formerly known as Plantronics) headsets boost the signal from the phone to the headset for superior audio capability. Poly communication technology is consistently ranked among the best because all Poly headsets require an amplifier in order to connect to a corded telephone or phone system. Because of this, call clarity is always at peak quality.


Headset Amplifiers

Simply put, Poly headset amplifiers make sound louder. This means that those working in call centers or telesales offices where noise is constant are more capable of blocking out the background chatter and hearing their customers on the phone, and likewise, their customers are able to hear them without any interference.

VDO Communications offers an extensive inventory of headset amplifiers to pair with the Poly headsets your company currently uses or is in the market for. For more information about these products or for assistance with finding the right match-up of Poly headsets to headset amplifiers, contact our support staff at 877-449-4836 today.