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Plantronics DA90 USB Digital Audio Processor (201853-01)

$66.17 $104.00

Plantronics DA90 USB Adapter Benefits:

Take control of your VoIP calls with the Plantronics DA90 audio processor.  With VoIP quickly becoming the business choice for communication, using a headset and adapter have become a necessary endpoint device.

The DA90 adapter gives you easy to use inline volume controls, mute, and call answer ability with compatible software.  This allows you to raise/lower your caller’s volume quickly to a good level for you, ensuring every call is crisp and clear.  You can also easily mute your microphone with a push of a button, if you need to converse with a co-worker.

For reference, lower priced adapters exist, but will not include inline controls.  Without inline controls, you save money but will be slowed down by using your mouse to navigate software and computer settings to adjust volume controls and other features.

Another great feature of this adapter is the multiple LED indicators.  With regard to calls, the Call LED indicator will flicker for incoming calls, hold steady during a call, and flash when a call is being held.  Your Mute LED indicator will light red when you have muted your headset’s microphone, giving you the confidence to know the status of your microphone and what your caller can and cannot hear.

Choosing the right headset is critical for all-day comfort and productivity, but choosing an audio processor with the features you require is equally important, if not more.

Plantronics DA90 USB Headset Adapter Features:

Ideal for Customer Service Centers which have transitioned or are transitioning from desk phones to PC-based softphones, and new sites starting with softphones, and Intensive Phone Users in general Enterprise.

  • Modern and sophisticated styling conveys quality and confidence
  • Easy, at-your-fingertips interface enables representatives to bypass on-screen call control menus for better focus on callers
  • Quick Disconnect (QD) feature provides walkaway convenience and compatibility with all Plantronics QD-equipped headsets
  • Superior noise and echo cancellation mean richer, clearer conversations
  • Acoustic exposure algorithms help you meet OSHA and Noise at Work regulations
  • Free, open APIs to add intelligence or inform work flows and business processes by building a contextual bridge across customer care ecosystem
  • Downloadable firmware updates and unique serial numbers creating consistent management of devices across your center
  • Connects to PC via USB and Plantronics QD-equipped analog headsets

Compared to prior DA models:

  • More modern design
  • Improved rocker style fingertip controls
  • Improved Mute LED indicator
  • In-call/Call-held LED indicator added
  • First to deliver Contextual Intelligence for Customer Service Center audience

Tech Tip: Cord length is 50 inches

Parts & Accessories

10′ Extension Cable (QD to QD) SW 40703-01

“Standard Weight” extension for your H-series headset cable for greater mobility.”Standard Weight” extension for your H-series headset cable for greater mobility.

10′ Extension Cable (QD to QD) 40711-01

“Lightweight” extension for your H-series headset cable for greatest mobility

Quick Disconnect Cord Clip 10778-01

Affix this clip to your desk to hold your headset cord and keep it out of your way.

HIC-1 (Avaya) 49323-44

Works with Quick Disconnect, for connecting corded headsets directly to Avaya phones

HIS-1 (Avaya) 72442-41/a>

Works with Quick Disconnect, for connecting corded headsets directly to Avaya phones

QD In-line Mute Switch (Locking) 27708-01
Locking mute inline QD switch


Y Adapter Trainer 27019-03/a>
Training Y-Connector connects two headset tops to a single headset adapter for training purposes.


Amplifier Cable / Cisco IP Phone Cable 26716-01

Bottom coiled cable that plugs between the Plantronics H-series headset and Plantronics M12, M10, or MX10 amplifiers.



In-Line Assy 65581-01

QD to USB with volume control


Coil Cable (QD to Modular Phone Jack) 40702-01
lightweight, for all H-series corded headsets with M22 amplifier


Plantronics Modular To Plug Adapter 18709-01

Plantronics Modular to Plug Prong AdapterThe Plantronics 18709-01 is a modular to plug prong adapter for Plantronics headset systems


Stub Cable 71174-01

Stub Cable AP15