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Polycom VoiceStation 500 Bluetooth-Enabled Analog Conference Phone

Polycom VoiceStation 500 Bluetooth-enabled conference phone for desktops, offices, and other small rooms. Polycom VoiceStation 500 with a microphone range of up to seven feet, is perfect for small conferences with three to four participants. Polycom VoiceStation 500 with its compact industrial design fits well on a desk or small table, making it a great solution for offices.

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Polycom VoiceStation 500 Analog Conference Phone

  • Analog Conference Room Phone
  • Ideal for Small Conferences with 3 to 4 Participants
  • Compact design makes it a good fit for a desk or small table
  • Use your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to connect wirelessly to the VoiceStation 500
  • Ability to use Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to make conference calls from areas without an analog line
  • Ability to connect to a Bluetooth enabled computer for conferencing over the internet
  • 2.5 mm applications port allows you to connect for wired connections
  • Connect to VoiceStation 500 with 4 Foot Mobile Phone Cable and 2.5 mm headset plugs
  • 4 foot computer calling cable to connect to line out and line in ports on your computer
  • Microphone range up to 7 Feet
  • Polycom Acoustic Clarity Technology
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction removes background noise
  • 360 degree microphone coverage
  • Speakerphone blocks interference from mobile phones or other wireless devices
  • Easy installation to analog phone jack
  • Secondary phone connection to plug in a fax machine or a handset for private calls
  • Caller ID available when provided by telephone company
  • Universal Key Pad
  • Dedicated buttons for on-hook/ off hook, Flash, Redial, Mute and Volume Control
  • Size: 9.5 x 9.25 x 3.0 in




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