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Poly (formerly known as Plantronics) Noise Cancelling Corded Phone Headsets

Premium quality headsets are not just for the office. In fact, VDO Communications carries a variety of headsets, both corded and wireless, for multiple uses. Some of the products you will find here are corded, allowing for compatibility with even more devices, and most of which have noise cancelling technology for a heightened experience. Some of the Poly (formerly known as Plantronics) noise cancelling corded phone headsets we carry online include the Poly H81N-TriStar Headset for the office, the Poly Rig Surround 202180-01 for gaming and movies, and the Poly Backbeat 216 for music.

Affordable Corded Headsets for Phones

VDO Communications prides itself on the versatility of offerings, ensuring that every customer is represented in the range of products we carry. With that in mind, we carry many affordable corded headsets for phones by Poly. This allows our customers to provide their employees with headsets that deliver high-quality audio, without breaking the bank. Corded Poly Headsets offer convenience and ease of use for employees, as well as gamers and entertainment use.

Keeping with the theme of offering phone headsets to suit all needs, VDO Communications is sure to have headsets that fit not only the devices to be paired with, but the users comfort preferences as well. For this, Poly has several headsets that are convertible, allowing for over the ear, over the head, earbud, around the ear, one ear and double ear options.

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