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For applications where greater mobility may be required or connection with a USB cable may not be possible, users have the option to connect their Konftel Ego device with their computer or mobile phones via Bluetooth.

If you are struggling to pair your Konftel Ego conference speakerphone with another Bluetooth device, or don’t know how to use the unit when connected via Bluetooth, this guide will help you.

So without any further ado, let’s get started…

Pairing Your Konftel Ego Speakerphone with a Bluetooth Device

A Bluetooth device could be a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. For the sake of simplicity, we will be using smartphone as the referenced Bluetooth device. You can connect eight different Bluetooth devices to your Konftel Ego at the same time. If another Bluetooth device is then paired, the oldest device automatically gets dropped.

To pair your Konftel Ego with your smartphone, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and the screen’s status in unlocked.

  • Hold the Bluetooth button on your speaker unit for two seconds.

You should see the symbol on the right being displayed on Konftel Ego’s LCD screen. Furthermore, the LEDs will start flashing blue, indicating that the device is ready for pairing.

  • Search for the Konftel Ego speakerphone on the list of visible Bluetooth devices and make the selection. This should start the pairing process which would roughly take about a minute to complete.
  • Once successfully paired, the Bluetooth device connected symbol would appear on the LCD display, as one can see in the image above (of the speakerphone).

Your Konftel Ego is now ready for use.

Using Your Konftel Ego Speakerphone with a Bluetooth Device

Konftel Ego can be used in two modes, as a music speaker and as a conference unit.

When used as a music speaker, the speaker’s OmniSound® feature is turned off. You can control the sound level and the music by the buttons present on the speakerphone. If your smartphone supports A2DP, you will get the best quality audio output. If it does not, you will still get to listen to your favorite track in high quality audio stream.

To use Konftel Ego in ‘Conference’ mode, you must be dialing a number or answering a call. The speakerphone will automatically stop running in ‘Music’ mode and will switch to ‘Conference’ mode. Call can be answered, cancelled or put to hold using the speaker’s call control buttons. To transfer a call from the speaker to your smartphone, press the Bluetooth button on the unit. Volume can be adjusted using the volume control buttons on the speakerphone.

This completes our tutorial of pairing and using the Konftel Ego conference speakerphone with a Bluetooth device.

If you are facing any issues while pairing or using your Konftel Ego with your smartphone or any other Bluetooth supporting device, feel free to reach out.

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