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Plantronics DuoPro–H171 (Convertible, Voice Tube, Monaural) 61121-01

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Plantronics DuoPro can be worn in either over-the-head or over-the-ear style. Uncompromising design delivers superior sound, fit and comfort in either wearing style.

Best-in-class comfort, flexibility and conversational clarity: the convertible H171 DuoPro offers both with longwear stability and voice tube microphone.

The Headset That Transforms to Suit You

Best-in-Class Comfort and Quality
  • Three way convertible: Over-the-ear, over-the-head, behind-the-head with optional neckband wearing styles
  • Innovative T-pad headband design, perfect balance in over-the-ear format and soft ear cushion offer all-day comfort
  • Voice tube or noise-canceling microphone options
  • Pivoting anti-twist microphone for optimal placement and performance
  • Quick Disconnect feature lets you walk away from your phone while wearing your headset


  • Breakthrough ergonomic design for all-day comfort no matter which configuration you choose
  • For best-in-class versatility, sound quality and comfort, these well designed headsets come in convertible, over-the-head and over-the-ear headset configurations
  • Leading edge microphone and speaker quality combine to give you best-in-class performance
  • Quick disconnect headset cord allows you to walk away from the phone without removing the headset
  • Your choice of three models, each available with a noise-canceling microphone or a voice tube


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Parts & Accessories

Plantronics DA40 USB Audio Processor 71800-41

Maximize the value of Voice over IP communications with the enterprise-class, economical Plantronics DA40 USB-to-Headset Adapter. Ideal for enterprise offices meeting aggressive price point requirements.

Plantronics DA45 USB Audio Processor 77559-41
The DA45 USB-to-Headset Amplifier and Audio Processor for H-Series Headsets


Plantronics DA55 USB Audio Processor 63725-03
The Plantronics DA55 USB-to-Headset Adapter offers digital signal processing and echo suppression to ensure clear, contact center customer interactions.


Plantronics DA60 USB Audio Processor 63725-01
Bring digitally enhanced audio quality and the comfort of Plantronics headsets to VoIP softphones.


A10-16-S1 U.S. *Boxed* 66268-02
Easily connect a Plantronics H-series headset to most headset-ready phones via the headset port with the A10 cable.


MX10 Multimedia Adapter/Amplifier 43404-01
The MX10 Headset Adapter/Amplifier and Multimedia Switcher is used when you want to use a single “H” Series headset for telephone calls and computer applications.


P10 29362-01
Plantronics P10 plug prong headset adapter/amplifier provides the interface between the headset and PBX switchboard or ACD telephone.


P10H 29362-02
PBX and ACD operators can enjoy the comfort and convenience of Plantronics technology with the P10H plug prong adapter with built-in high-gain amplifier.


P10/2250 60288-01
Plantronics P10/2250 P10 Plug Prong Adapter for use with NT2250 Telephones.


A10-16-S1 U.S. *Bagged* 66268-03
Easily connect a Plantronics H-series headset to most headset-ready phones via the headset port with the A10 cable.


HIC-1 (Avaya) 49323-44

Works with Quick Disconnect, for connecting corded headsets directly to Avaya phones


HIS-1 (Avaya) 72442-41/a>

Works with Quick Disconnect, for connecting corded headsets directly to Avaya phones


Plantronics Polaris Quick Disconnect Cable 27190-01

One side of this cable connects to the headset port on “headset ready” phones. The other end connects to the Polaris headset.


QD In-line Mute Switch (Locking) 27708-01/a>
Locking mute inline QD switch


QD In-line Mute Switch (Momentary) 43548-01
Momentary mute inline QD Switch


Y Adapter Trainer 27019-03/a>
Training Y-Connector connects two headset tops to a single headset adapter for training purposes.


Cool Blue Voice Tube 29960-60
Replacement cool blue voice tube.


Outrageous Orange Voice Tube 29960-20
Replacement outrageous orange voice tube.


Plantronics Voice Tube (Clear) 29960-01
Replacement clear voice tube for Supra, SupraPlus, Encore, Duoset, DuoproClear Voice Tube. Voice Tubes should be replaced every 6 months.


Passion Pink Voice Tube 29960-30
Replacement passion pink voice tube



Serene Green Voice Tube 29960-40
Replacement serene green voice tube


Spare Ear Cushion 60967-01
Spare ear cushion


Spare Ear Loop 60965-01
Spare ear loop


Behind the Head Neckband 62800-01
Behind the head neckbandPlantronics introduces the new, behind-the-head neckband accessory that adds a unique wearing style to Plantronics DuoPro headsets.


DuoPro Value Pack 62404-01
Value Pack for DuoPro Voice Tube HeadsetsIncludes Ear Cushion, Voice Tube, Background Noise Suppressor, Clothing Clip


Amplifier Cable / Cisco IP Phone Cable 26716-01

Bottom coiled cable that plugs between the Plantronics H-series headset and Plantronics M12, M10, or MX10 amplifiers.


Quick Disconnect cable to dual 3.5mm. 28959-01

Connects H-series and P-series corded headsets to your PC with this Quick Disconnect cable that has two 3.5mm plugsConnects H-series


E10 42598-01

Plantronics ACD Headset Adapter. Designed for Call Center applications. Provides the interface between the telephone headset and selected ACD phones.


Plantronics Voice Tube Six Pack (Assorted) 29960-70

Six wildly colored voice tubes to change at a whim – includes Outrageous Orange, Passion Pink, Serene Green, Peaceful Purple and Cool Blue.


Plantronics Training Station Base (TSB) Amplifier 40710-01
Plantronics TSB Headset Training Adapter/Amplifier.


Quick Disconnect Lock 62976-01

The Quick Disconnect Lock is designed to fit onto all of Plantronics H and P series headsets with any of the Quick Disconnect designs (including the new “Hot Quick Disconnect” DuoPro


Plantronics VistaPlus AP15 Amplifier Audio Processor 79960-01
Optimized for particularly noisy contact center environments.

IP40 38574-01
IP technology providing “always on” voice communication


Spare Headband 43298-03

Spare headband for M175, M175C, T10/T20, CT14, and H141