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The Guide to Buying Great Conference Phone Leave a comment

Here are the things that you want to look for in a conference phone when you buy one:

  • Bandwidth – the range of sound frequency over which the human voice travels.
  • Reverberation – the echo, basically.
  • Amplitude – the loudness.
  • Interactivity – how well can the phone pick up multiple voices.
  • Noise – does the phone produce collateral noise?

Conference phones have changed and advanced a lot in the last 15 years. Modern premium conference phones count on recent technological advancements. So what are the things that you want to look for while buying a conference phone?

  • You conference phone should come equipped with a directional microphones that ensures the conference phone is picking up on the voice of the person in front of. Cheaper conference phones usually use “omni-directional” microphones that will pick up all sounds around it, causing noise and unnecessary feedback. Then there is Duplex sound that allows people to speak to one another at the same time without being cut off.
  • Unwanted pickup suppression cuts out the sound being picked up by microphones that are currently not being spoken into. This requires some advanced algorithms to constantly adapt to fluid conversations.
    The ability to accessorize gives your more options for customization, which lets you create the best possible solution for any space. This may include adding additional microphones to stretch over a long conference table, or spread throughout a big room.

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