Turn a Deaf Ear To: Top 5 Myths About Headsets Leave a comment

“You know what, you should stop wearing those headsets continuously during the office hours – it’s turning you bald.”

Nope…just a myth!

And, there are many other like these.

We count down top 5 myths that we found amusing.

Myth #1: All Headsets Offer the Same Audio Quality

It’s not true!

Just like any other product available in the market, designed and manufactured as per varying standards of quality and workmanship, headsets of different brands offer different audio quality. It all depends on the research and designs cycles that the final product has been through, and the quality of components that have been used during a headset’s manufacturing phase.

If all headsets offered the same audio quality, then why is it that your noise-cancelling office wireless headset provides an improved sound clarity in comparison to other headsets?

Myth #2: The More Expensive a Headset Is, The Better Its Performance

This myth stems from the notion:

If something is expensive, it is bound to perform better

Where in many cases it would hold to be true; it’s not always.

There are brands like Plantronics and others, that offer high-quality and high-performance headsets for different office needs, at budgeted prices.

These headsets provide good audio quality and durability. It’s always advisable to test a headset for its audio quality before buying one. Marketing gimmicks are better left ignored.

Myth #3: Noise Cancelling Headsets and Noise Isolating Headsets are the Same

No, they are not.

Noise cancelling headsets work by eliminating background noise through the action of noise-cancelling circuitry. Noise isolating headsets, on the other hand, eliminate the background noise by providing a reinforced physical barrier between the outside noise and the wearer’s ears.

Myth #4: With a Noise Cancelling Headset You Can Expect All the White Noise to Get Filtered

Again, not true.

No device can ever be 100% efficient in its operations, and the same holds true for noise cancelling headsets. Yes, they do provide effective white noise filtration, enabling your employees and customers to interact without any distractions, but the technology is not 100% efficient.

Myth #5: All Headsets Offer the Same Magnitude of Audio Amplification

Noticed some headsets provide an audible sound even when the volume is set at 50%, while for others you may have to level it up to full volume?

That’s because not all headsets offer the same degree of audio amplification. The proof, as such, is in the pudding. It all depends on the design technology and the components that are being used.

What other myths have you heard about headsets?

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