Gaming Headsets Vs. Music Headsets – What Is The Difference? Leave a comment

A major reason for a surge in the popularity of headsets is the level of immersion they provide. Headsets are also used for communication in offices.

However, the most common use of headsets in US is for listening to music. Statistics show that more than forty percent of the population uses headphones for listening to music.

On the other hand, the gaming industry has also grown in the last few years. Forecasts suggest that by 2020, the number of online gamers will increase up to 57 million.

Headsets are essential for online multi player games. However, there are certain differences between music headsets and gaming headsets. Here’s how they’re different:

Sound quality

In video games, proper audio is essential. It helps in providing an immersive experience for gamers. Previously, the audio quality in video games was very poor; however, in the last couple of years, the audio quality has improved significantly.

Sound effects are an essential part of a game’s design. Think Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Star Wars Battlefront – Thermal imploder. You need quality, clarity that gives you unprecedented sound.


Music listeners use headsets for less time than gamers do. Their use of headsets depends on the duration of the L.P. The duration of music albums rarely ever exceeds an hour.

In contrast, gaming headsets are specifically designed while keeping the comfort of the gamer in mind since a gaming session can last for hours. Use of the wrong kind of headsets, for a long period of time, can lead to irritation in your ear and scalp.

Sound generating device

The sound generating device for music headsets is different from that of a gaming headset. A music headset connector is 3.5 mm long. On the other hand, gaming headsets connect with your computer or console through the USB slot.

Unlike music headsets, USB gaming headsets have a soundcard of their own because of which the audio quality in these headsets is comparatively better.

The quality of sound in headsets with 3.5 mm connector depends on the soundcard quality of the device to which it is connected.

Other features

Gaming headsets come in a wide variety of designs. Some of them have LED designs while others are wireless. Some headsets have volume control outside the ear cups. Music headsets on the other hand do not have as many features.

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